Hiển thị một kết quả duy nhất

  • VP - 16464 TVI

    VP-16464 TVI

    Four in One Digital Video Recorder

    – Four in One Digital Video Recorder: HDTVI + AHD + IP + Analog
    – Support 16 channels HDTVI/AHD/IP/Analog video input
    – H.264 dual-stream video compression
    – Connect with HDTVI camera, AHD camera, IP camera and normal analog camera.
    – HDTVI: 1080P/720P
    AHD: 1080P/720P
    IP: 1080P/720P
    Analog: 960H
    – HDMI / VGA / BNC simultaneous video output
    – All channel synchronous realtime playback, GRID interface & smart search
    – Support 3 SATA HDDs up to 9TB, 1 eSATA port , 2 USB2.0
    – Multiple network monitoring: Web viewer, DVR Client, Mobile viewer
    – Push Video

  • vp-464TVI

    VP-464 TVI

    4 CHANNEL 1080P

    – Tribrid Digital Recorder: 4CH HDTVI (1080P); 3CH HDTVI (1080P) + 1CH IP (1080P); 4CH AHD ( 1080p); 4CH ANALOG (960H)
    – Support HDTVI / AHDH/ Analog / IP video input.
    – H.264 dual-stream encoding
    – VGA/ HDMI/ BNC simultaneous video output
    – Support Audio input/output: 1/1 port
    – Support Domain Name free (P2P key optional)
    – Support Push Video
    – Support 1 SATA HDD, HDD capacity up to 3TB
    – Support Web, Smart Phone, Laptop & PC
    – Intelligent search and playback
    – User friendly interface, easy setup and use

  • vp-464TVI

    VP-864 TVI

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